BOTH ADOPTED! Downtown Kitties from the ATL Ramona and Joey Available for Adoption

Ramona1Ramona and Joey are a bonded pair of siblings that were rescued from being trapped on a retaining wall in downtown Atlanta.  They come as a pair, not quite as opposite as day and night, but each unique and beautiful in their own way.

Ramona is a Lynx Siamese, cream with charcoal markings and a toasty nose.  Her blue eyes are alive with curiosity, and she purrs when you pet her.  Ramona’s sense of downtown chic is alive and well; she poses nicely for the camera, finds the light by instinct, and will go a long way to catch a dancing feather that will compliment her ensemble!  Don’t let Ramona’s sophistication fool you, though; she is playful with human friends, and romps like a kitten with her brother, Joey.  Recently, the two entertained themselves for an entire afternoon chasing catnip mice around the adoption center.  They both play well with other cats, too – but have a lot of energy!  Besides their tight bond, that’s one of the reasons we would like to see them adopted together: they entertain each other when no human is around and don’t disturb older, more sedate cats.

Joey4Ramona’s brother Joey is a rambunctious tuxedo boy, who actively seeks out affection, loves to be held and also enjoys a good game of feather chase! He has a beautiful white stomach and legs, a black mask with batman ears, and his neat triangular nose is pink with a black stripe on the top.  Joey has long white whiskers, a solid black tail, and his eyes are a lively, sparkling, deep green.  In fact, Joey pretty much always looks like he has a secret that he is ready to tell you…or perhaps a good joke!  Joey seeks out people more than Ramona does, and loves to involve humans in his games, as you can see from the pictures.  He recently bumped into a volunteer he hadn’t seen for months, and let her flip him on his back and cradle him while he gave her kitty kisses.  Joey’s a great listener too; he follows your voice, tilts his head to show he understands you, and never talks back.

Ramona-Joey-1Joey and Ramona are currently in our Howell Mill adoption center, so you can meet them in the PetSmart at I-75 & Howell Mill in Atlanta.  Joey and Ramona’s foster mother has other cats, dogs, and these two get along with everyone!  You can apply online, or ask for more details.   They are neutered, fully vetted, and microchipped.

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