Exotic Adoptable Tabby Sisters: Thomasina & Tinkerbell, Atlanta

The arrival of Thomasina & Tinkerbell at the I-75 & Howell Mill Road PetSmart has caused quite a stir with visitors – and who can blame them?  Thomasina, our cover kitten, is a striking, regal silver tabby with extraordinary markings and glowing amber eyes.  Thomasina, reminiscent of an Egyptian mau, has dramatic silver and black stripes, long white whiskers, and a hunter’s watchful eyes.  Her personality is all love bug, though, as she shows you her tummy and begs for ear rubs.  Thomasina is very social, and seeks out human interaction; she’ll even let you snuggle her like a baby and offer you a kitty kiss or two.


Her sister, Tinkerbell, has the same dramatic markings, but is a mackerel tabby.  Tinkerball has stripes of rich brown and deep black, with a white chest patch, sweet white booties and pink paws.  Tinkerbell is shyer than Thomasina, but still likes to make friends and appreciates your attention.  Both sisters are playful – toy mice beware! – and deeply bonded to each other.  They will be adopted as a pair.

To visit Thomasina & Tinkerbell, you can stop by the I-75 & Howell Mill PetSmart adoption center any time.  The center is manned on weekends with volunteers who can introduce you to the lovely tabbies.  Drop us a line to arrange a meet and greet, or apply to adopt online.

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