(ADOPTED!) Fearless Flynn Waiting for His Forever Family: ATL Adoptable 2-Year Old Dog

flynn05Just look at this dashing, intelligent, pup.  Big liquid brown eyes…perky black ears…distinctive markings around his eyes that always make him look like he’s listening intently and is a little concerned…and lots of orange-y tan and black fur. This distinguished face belongs to SNAP’s newest canine guest, Flynn, named for the hero of the movie Tangled.  Just like the Disney Flynn, SNAP’s Flynn has a huge heart and plenty of charm.  Flynn loves people and does well with children, but would rather not ever, ever, ever see a cat!

Flynn is a Pincher and Beagle mix with some hound or Shepard mixed in as well. He has the pretty markings of a Pincher and is medium sized, only 30 lbs. This fully grown dynamo still looks like a puppy, even though he is two years old.  Flynn is very pleased with how well he is aging even though his life got off to a rough start.

Flynn made his way to SNAP after his owner just put him outside one day and left him there!  This poor little man was picked up by Animal Control, and then came to live with SNAP volunteers and wait until his real family finds him.

flynn04Here are the things that Flynn thinks his real family should know:

  • Flynn is house broken, so no work to do there!
  • Flynn is smart, too, and is learning basic commands such as sit and down. He already knows drop it and leave it.
  • Flynn loves to play fetch!  He will run and bring anything back to you..again and again!
  • Flynn is a very fast learner and his foster mother has found it easy to train with treats.
  • One of Flynn’s favorite things to do is go for a ride in the car!
  • He also likes to snuggle with his human family on the couch at night.
  • Given a choice, Flynn would rather sleep with you in bed than anywhere else!

Flynn is crate trained as well but really likes to be with people.  Flynn’s foster mother tells us that he is the perfect dog for an active family with children or other dogs. Flynn definitely needs to run around and burn off his energy; compared to other dogs his size, he has a normal energy level.  Flynn’s blue sky dream home would have a fenced yard and someone home all day to hang out.  If this doesn’t quite describe you but you really think Flynn is the dog of your dreams, drop us a line to ask questions or explore options.  We can arrange a meet and greet, help you and Flynn get to know each other, and see if it might be a good fit.  You can also apply with no obligation to pre-adopt Flynn online.

Flynn is fixed, chipped, up to date on shots and heartworm negative.  And most of all, Flynn is shivering with excitement over meeting his real forever family.

PS:  Flynn wants to remind you…NO CATS.

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