ADOPTED!!!! Fur Soft as Velvet, Eyes Green as…Emerald! Adoptable kitten Atlanta.

Emerald1Earlier this week, we told you about Ella, one of the “E” kitties.  This is her sister, Emerald.  They were rescued from an apartment complex near the Atlanta Waterworks at the same time that SNAP volunteers found the Charlie Brown gang.

SNAP had received requests for help because multiple litters of kittens were born at the complex, and had no caregiver.  They hid from everyone who tried to capture them, and were eventually located in the basement.  The tiny kittens burrowed deep inside the individual cinderblocks that comprise the basement wall.  A volunteer actually had to break the cinderblocks to retrieve the terrified babies.

This gray and white kitty has fur as soft as velvet and adores people, as you can see from the pictures.  It was hard to get a picture of Emerald because she kept laying her head in our volunteer’s hand for pets!

Emerald2Emerald has deep, deep green eyes, soft gray and white fur, and long white whiskers.  Her nose is tiny and very pink, and all her feet are white.  She is very playful and adores living in her foster home with other cats, and a few dogs.  Emerald is very social and craves time with people and other animals.  If she joins a forever home where she is an only pet, it would need to be a situation where someone is home a lot and wants to cuddle and play with Emerald.  For working families, it’s best if Emerald is adopted into a home with other pets.

One of Emerald’s roommates is named Vinnie, and sometimes Vinnie can be a bully!  Emerald is a confident kitty that stands up to Vinnie, but she doesn’t bully other cats.  That’s important to know if she joins a home that already has four-legged residents.

Wouldn’t you like a playdate with Emerald?  Just drop us a note to arrange it.  You can also pre apply to adopt Emerald online.

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