ADOPTED!!!! Fuzzy Romeo Seeks New Atlanta-Based Juliet: 4 Month Gray & White

Romeo1(ADOPTED JANUARY 2013)  Romeo is everything his name implies: smooth, classy, and ready to impress.  With his sleek gray and white fur and suave demeanor, he’s a confident and outgoing kitten who has a lot to say at four months old.  Romeo was found in Brookhaven, when he approached a SNAP volunteer and asked for a ride home…to her home!

She immediately named her new family member Romeo because he was instantly affectionate, likes to lie on her stomach and chest, and welcomes ear pets and kitty kisses.  Romeo curls up next to his foster mother and whispers sweet nothings to her as long “meeeeeows.”

As you would expect from a young gentleman kitten, Romeo gets along with everyone, especially his favorite foster brother Bart.  He and Bart play together, guard their foster home together, and even groom each other. Romeo has long white whiskers, a white chest and predominately white legs, and gray stripe-y fur on his head, back, haunches, and tail.  His eyes are a deep, romantic green and his nose is pale pink.

Romeo2Romeo doesn’t have to be adopted with Bart, but he would really like it!  He does need to be placed in a home that has other animals, though, because especially as a kitten, he will benefit from a playmate and companion.  Romeo tells us he’s ready to charm his way into your home next…are you ready to meet him?  Just let us know and we’ll arrange it.  You can also pre-apply to adopt Romeo online.  Like all SNAP animals, Romeo is neutered, up to date on all shots and tests, and microchipped.

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