Gray & White Dynamic Kitten Duo Join SNAP Crew: Atlanta area adoptable kittens

These sweet and playful brothers, Guava and Papaya, have taken up residence at the PetSmart adoption center at I-75 & Howell Mill Road in Atlanta.  Although at first glance they may seem hard to tell apart, Guava has a dark nose; his brother, Papaya, has an all pink nose.  They both have dreamy gray-green eyes and long white whiskers. Even though yesterday was their first day at the center, they made themselves right at home.  Because they’ve been living at a veterinarian’s office, they are used to being handled, get along fine with other cats, and even like dogs!  They hung out with the other (and much bigger) cats, met some of our visitors (Papaya, in particular, seems to like being cuddled), and performed some acrobatics on our cat trees for an appreciative audience.  They are so friendly, it was hard to get a picture of them because they wanted to head butt the camera!

Guava and Papaya have gotten off to a healthy start in life, since their mother was rescued just a few days before she gave birth and cared for by Atlanta animal lovers.  They were born in early September, and have been neutered, microchipped and are ready to go to their forever home.  They are up to date on all the shots they are old enough to have received at this point.

These bonded brothers will be adopted as a pair.  They would love to meet you!  You can stop by the I-75 & Howell Mill adoption center any time to view them, or come by on weekend afternoons when the center is manned by SNAP volunteers.  Feel free to email us for more details or fill in an online adoption application.

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