Postcards from our furry friends in their furever homes.

Harry Potter

He’s very much enjoying Harry’s place in our family. Harry is enjoying playing with our other cat and my son’s brought his dog over and they get along famously. Thinking Harry is enjoying having his own dog.

Margo and Voltaire (AKA Una and Dabo Sweeney)

I adopted Una, a seven year old tortie who was in the shelter forever and Dabo Sweeney, the black kitten with a loppy head. They are now named after two of my favorite poets: Margo (for Margaret Atwood) and Voltaire and they have their own Instagram account: @thepoetrycats.

Margo has been doing really well in a home! When I adopted her, she had no hair on her rear end as part of an allergic reaction to fleas and with two months with in a loving home she has a full coat (short on the bottom, but growing)!

I love having my shelter cats – thank you so much!

Belle Bell

Belle Bell is the adult adopted from SNAP and the kitten is her new best

Harley and Quinn

Just a really quick note to let you know how well the boys are doing. They are happy and healthy and growing like weeds.

I think they have doubled in size since I brought them home! I am just loving their kitten energy and curiosity, although I’m also having to toddlerproof my house, as their curiosity is endless, and they are into silk flowers and light sockets and lamps, and I come into a room to find statues lying sideways…but it’s all good. They are joyful bundles that play all day, and purr when I touch them, and sleep curled up with each other, lying against me. They are loving and affectionate and happy.

John John

Wanted to give a quick update on John John. He is a very active kitty and keeps us amused. He and our other cat, Max, frequently play together. He has really warmed up to my husband and I and likes to show his love by following us into the kitchen, flopping over at our feet, purring loudly and kneading. Not sure why he chooses the kitchen to do this but he’s 100% consistent 🤣

He loves sitting in his cat tree by the window and is starting to feel comfortable enough to sit on the couch with us, too. He doesn’t cuddle at night like Max does, but he’s always right outside our bedroom doorway in the mornings and greets us with loud purrs.

He’s gotten used to our dog Falcor, and when Falcor comes over to sniff him, John John merely gives him a dirty look instead of running off.

Thanks for letting us adopt him, he’s brought us tons of entertainment! We love him.