ADOPTED!!!!! Ice, Ice Baby: Adoptable 12-week-old Tabby, Atlanta

Ice4Ice knows he’s a pretty cool character, but doesn’t like to show off his class tabby good looks.  He sports white whiskers, deep hazel eyes, and extra long white bib to go with his classic tabby stripes and gentle, loving disposition.  He’s all kitten, though – at 12 weeks, he loves to play, chase his sister Ninja, and nap on his foster mother’s chest.

Ice’s favorite toy is a red bow from Christmas, which he carries everywhere in his mouth and bats around.  He’s an excellent climber, too, and can scrabble up nearly anything so that he can look you in the eye and see what’s going on.  Ice is around older cats at his foster mother’s, and he really enjoys hanging out with them.

ice2Ice and his sister, Ninja, were rescued by a nice lady who saw them on Facebook and knew that she had to help.  The siblings were in bad shape when their foster mom got them – malnourished and dehydrated – but they have recovered wonderfully and fully.  When he was saved, Ice had an injury – we are not sure how it happened because it was already beginning to heal – that required some care and attention, but today he is healthy with no residual effects.

Ice would love to be adopted with his sister, Ninja, but it’s not a necessity as long as he is placed in a home that has other friendly pets.  Particularly since he is a kitten, his personality will blossom as long as he is allowed to play and bond with other animals.  Like all SNAP animals, Ninja is spayed, up to date on vaccinations and shots, and microchipped.

Ice sends his greetings and is wondering when you will stop by to say hello!  Drop us a note to arrange a meeting, or pre-apply to adopt Ice online!  And be sure to check out his sister, Ninja, too.

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