Jefferson Street Neighborhood Bands Together, Rescues 45 Cats & Dogs


SNAP TNR Success

The week of June 29 SNAP helped a Jefferson Street Neighborhood near Peachtree Dekalb airport aid 7 dogs, spay/neuter 17 adult cats and rescue 21 kittens.  The 17 adult cats were altered, vetted and cleared for diseases and returned to their neighborhood as part of SNAP’s TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) program. The 17 kittens and will be placed in loving homes through SNAP’s Adoption program.

Funding to support SNAP’s TNR efforts is provided through a generous grant from Second Life Atlanta in Avondale Estates – Second Life are two upscale thrift stores dedicated to the mission of giving homeless pets a second chance in life. Read more about Second Life at Second Life Atlanta and please visit them and shop there to support SNAP and other animal rescue efforts.


However, funding to support SNAP’s Adoption efforts is still needed and we hope the residents of the Jefferson Street neighborhood can help cover the estimated $2000 in vet bills and vaccination fees needed to help these kittens and find them loving homes.

SNAP received an email from a neighbor telling us about a woman in the Jefferson street area needing our help. The woman has always had cats, but neighbors were becoming concerned that the situation had gotten out of control.


One clue to the neighbors was a “Free kittens to good homes” sign that appeared in the woman’s yard. Another clue was there appeared to be a more than usual number of feral cats around the house.

Helping Neighbors

Snap was asked by a neighbor to help. We were initially told to expect about 12 feral cats and 5 kittens outside and perhaps 8 more kittens inside.

Snap contacted the woman and offered assistance – fortunately, she was grateful for the outreach and agreed that we could help her get the situation under control.


On the first day, SNAP transported 18 cats from the property that were to be fixed. Three were adult females from inside the home, and 13 were adults living outside, who had to be (humanely) trapped. Additionally, four more semi-feral small kittens were trapped who are now in a foster home being socialized for being around humans so they can be adopted to loving homes.

On day two, SNAP re-visited the property and trapped one more kitten and three more adults. There is still one elusive adult to be trapped – the now infamous black and white male who was not a constant eater at the property but on day one of trapping, he was stalking the traps to keep other cats away.  Snap addressed this by shooing him off, but he has yet to be trapped himself.


The final count is SNAP trapped 17 outside adult ferals for our TNR program, and 6 kittens that we have taken into our Adoption program.

Inside the home there are 7 dogs and one was recently rescued while running down Clairmont road – she is a young  female that needs to be fixed. The other dogs are all fixed, but inside the home there were issues with fleas that had to be addressed with medication.

Health & Wellness

SNAP provided three months of flea meds for each dog and also inside the home are 16 more kittens that are already socialized. They have small colds, and are underweight from not being feed kitten food. Snap had provided medication and kitten dry and wet food for them. SNAP also went by and treated each kitten for fleas and tapeworms.

SNAP will return in a week and start vaccinations and deworm them for a second round. We also have been told there are two more adult unneutered males in the home that we need to get fixed.


Kittens who weighed enough have already been spay/neutered and the rest are scheduled for the 17th of July.

SNAP is asking for donations from the Jefferson Street neighborhood to help cover the cost of veterinarian, spay/neutering and vaccination costs for the kittens rescued.

Hats Off to the Neighborhood

The story of this individual who cared for these cats and dogs, although with the best of intentions, this situation, like so many, can quickly get out of control.  SNAP is happy to help the Jefferson Street neighborhood manage these neighborhood cats through our TNR and Adoption programs, including vetting and medicines to ensure that all the neighborhood cats are healthy.

A Never Ending Saga…

The Jefferson Street story is an all too common one happening all over Atlanta – and SNAP is happy to help the neighborhood address this issue and bring the neighborhood cats under control.  Thank  you to all the Jefferson Street neighbors for helping SNAP to cover all spay/neutering and vetting costs.

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First posted July 1, 2014.



  1. UPDATE: Snap has just been notified of 8 more kittens and we are still working aggressively with the neighborhood to provide TNR service and help as many as we can. We need help to sustain these efforts efforts.

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