Grey/White DMH

DOB 5/31/2017

Hello!  My name is Judy.  My foster mom thinks that I look like a princess with my beautiful green eyes and soft fur that feels just like a pillow. I may appear delicate, even fragile; however I am a warrior princess with the heart of a fighter!  You see, I was a tiny stray kitten living on my own until a sweet angel found me.  She realized pretty quickly that something was wrong and I needed help.  She took me to the nice people at the rescue who started treating me right away.  I had a really stuffy nose all the time and it made it hard for me to breathe.  They tried to give me lots of different kinds of medicine.  They even tried some strange things (for a cat!) like a homeopathic veterinarian and acupuncture.  Nothing worked. It kept getting harder and harder for me to breathe.  I struggled to eat because I choked on my food. I was over 1-year-old and had been battling illness for a while.  I was getting tired.

The nice people at the rescue realized the only thing left to try was surgery.  They were really scared because they knew it would be hard for me. Breathing even when I was awake was a challenge…that was when I did not have any sleepy medicine inside of me.  Yikes!  They found the most amazing veterinarian, Dr. Ella Ahern and staff at Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs, who said she would do the surgery.  I almost crossed the kitty rainbow bridge two times during surgery but the people at the animal hospital helped me to breathe again until they could finish taking care of me.  The really awesome veterinarian removed a polyp from my nasal passages that was HUGE…it was 1 inch by 2 inches!  I have a really small head so it was no wonder that I could not breathe very well. 

You see, all of that was very hard but I never gave up.  I learned that there are lots of really great humans that never give up either.  I survived all of this and am now just as strong as any of my feline friends.  I know how much my human friends have loved me so I have so much love to give back.  I nuzzle hands a soon as someone touches me.  It is one of my favorite things to be held and petted.  I will lay on a lap and purr as long as someone will let me.  Cuddling is what I do best!   

I would like for you to know a few things about me if you are thinking you might be my family.  First, I like humans who are men a lot…maybe they make me feel safe and secure?  I am trying to figure that one out too. Second, dogs scare me quite a bit.  I enjoy playing with feline friends like me.  I have been doing that my whole life.  Last thing, I love toys that I can hug and kick a little.  Did you see my great video?  Feathers are one of my favorite toys as well.

Thanks for listening to my story.  This warrior princess is ready to come home to my forever family.  Will it be you? I hope so.

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Judy will be great in any type of home including with older children and small dogs. She has no special needs and will make a very special addition to the family.

Like all SNAP pets, Judy is spayed, up to date on shots and vaccinations, and micro-chipped. And ready to meet you at one of our adoption centers or by special appointment.

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