ADOPTED AFTER 3 YEARS! Long Haired Calico, Glamor Puss Taylor, Adoptable 2-Year Old, Atlanta

Taylor3Kitties like Taylor are the reason the term “glamor puss” exists.  She is a long haired calico kitty, so fluffy and poised  when she wraps her tail around herself, you can practically imagine her starring in a television commercial.  Taylor’s real story isn’t nearly as glamorous, though.  She was rescued from a dangerous location just feet from the whizzing traffic on I-85 with an older male kitten.  SNAP neutered mother and son and brought them up to good health, but the boy kitten was too old to be successfully socialized.  Taylor, on the other hand, recognized that she was destined to be an indoor cat, pampered with regular meals, affection and shelter, as soon as she was rescued!

Taylor4Taylor is a small cat, and has a tiny, lady-like meow to match her petite self.  She has typical calico coloring: lovely cream, black and orange, but her feather-fine long fur make her extra special.  Her eyes are a deep and clear green, and she has terrifically long white whiskers and eyebrows.  Her back and flank are covered in dark brownish black fur, and she wears a black eye mask with rich tufts of pale orange fur flowing from each cheek.  Her throat is covered with long, soft, cream fur.  Taylor’s face and nose are decorated with black splatters that look like a painter, at the last minute, accidentally flicked his model with paint!  It adds character to Taylor’s face, and just makes her prettier.

Taylor is slightly reserved, and really enjoys hanging out with her people, but she likes things on the quieter side.  Because of this, SNAP does not recommend that she be placed in a home with very young children who may startle her.  Like most cats, Taylor would rather be picked up when it is her idea, but she will do nearly anything to get a good back scratch.  Taylor has lived with dogs, and just ignores them.  No aggression or fear.  Like all SNAP animals, Taylor is up to date on medical, is microchipped, and spayed.  She’s ready to bring a touch of elegance and glamor to your Atlanta based home.  If you’d like to meet Taylor, drop us a note or apply to adopt her online.


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