ADOPTED! Maya the Monarch Requests You at Court

Maya-800X533Of all God’s four-legged creatures, cats seem to know (perhaps more than any) how beautiful they are.  Four-month-old Maya certainly does.  Maya moves with all the regal grace and bearing of a crowned monarch as she benevolently reigns her foster mother’s home.  She holds court every afternoon, when the sun is at just the right place to catch her best side, in the cushy, comfortable cat room, where she allows her humans to approach and admire her…and of course wait on her hand and foot!

Maya and her siblings have come a long way since our SNAP volunteer rescued them.  Maya doesn’t like to mention it because it’s not very regal at all, but when she was found, she was literally eating food from the ground that had fallen from a dumpster at an apartment complex.  Even though it took some time for Maya to get used to her foster home, she was very relieved that someone spotted her highborn station and took her to safe surroundings.

Maya3As you can see, Maya is a silvery brown with unusually dramatic markings.  If she looks familiar, you might remember her brother, Bart, who SNAP helped place a few weeks ago.  Maya sports sassy thigh-high white stockings on her hind legs, twitches her long white whiskers to get your attention, and surveys her domain through dreamy gray-green eyes that are framed in dark brown and tilt up.  She has a sweet peachy-brown nose (accented by dark brown) and pink paw pads. Her front paws have tiny white socks, and she has a soft white bib.

Maya’s faithful cat-in-waiting is Toby, a gorgeous orange young gentleman, who Maya has requested also be relocated to her new royal quarters.  Maya hails from the Buford Highway area in Atlanta, but is willing to consider any offers of suitable housing that come her way.

As a young monarch, Maya enjoys her playing with her cat toys (including Toby!) and prefers to sleep on her cat trees.  She entertains herself well, but will benefit from being in a home with other animals, particularly because she is still a kitten.  However, Maya doesn’t demand constant attention…just attention when she wants it.

Like all SNAP kitties, Maya is spayed and microchipped, as well as current on all vaccinations and tests. Maya and Toby will be moving into the PetSmart permanent adoption center at the Howell Mill & I-75 N. location in the middle of February, and can’t wait to meet you.  Maya has agreed to offer royal dispensation on the whole bowing and curtsy routine, too.  If you have questions or want to schedule a time to play with Maya, just drop us a note.  You can also pre-apply to adopt Maya online.

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