ADOPTED!! Meet Monito, Adoptable Teenage Cat, Atlanta’s Newest Mane Event

Monito5Looking at the magestic figure of young SNAP cat Monito, it’s easy to imagine him on a shimmering savanna stalking antelope.  He has a regal bearing, piercing green eyes, and an extraordinary flowing mane.  You can practically see  him leading a pride of lions in pursuit of dinner…until he lets out a tiny “mew” and rolls over and begs for tummy rubs, that is.  At nine months old, Monito is not quite a full adult, and has plenty of kittenish love and fun left to share with the right family.  Monito is a typical Black Norwegian Forest Cat, a breed that is known for being friendly and intelligence.  He certainly fits the bill!

Monito’s full coat is part of what gives him an illusion of a wildebeast-chaser.  What is extra special about this big fluffy boy is that his coat is not a solid black; his bib is a lovely graduated brownish gray and cream. He has a neat triangular black nose and long white whiskers that balance out his classic good looks.  Against all the black fur, you can’t help but notice his cute pink tounge, too, when he especially enjoys a kitten treat. His eyes are two distinct shades of green: the outer orb is a yellowish-green and the inner circle around the pupil is a deep forest green.

Monito1You shouldn’t be fooled by Monito’s distinguished appearance, though.  Monito has a sweet – and surprisingly small – mew and will talk to you with a little encouragement.  When our volunteer took these pictures, Monito laid his head in her hand and collapsed on his back, offering his lovely tum-tum for rubs.  He loves to play, too, as you can see from the pictures below.  Before Monito moved to the PetSmart adoption center at Howell Mill and I-75 in Atlanta, he used to attend adoption events that are typically noisy with lots of other cats, dogs, and strangers around.  He was calm and focused, although curious.  Monito is not a skittish cat, and we anticipate that he’ll adjust well to a variety of environments.

Because he has long hair, Monito will human help managing that magnificent mane.  He enjoys being groomed, and the routine of combing will be a great way for his new family to bond with him.  Monito likes humans, especially since he was born into a loving foster home.  Monito’s mother was found abandoned in a parking lot – and very pregnant.  She made her way into the SNAP program and later gave birth to a healthy litter of kittens that have been raised by SNAP volunteers.

Monito will flourish in a home that has other animals, but he doesn’t have to be adopted with any of his siblings.  Because he loves humans, he should be in a situation that offers him a lot of chances to interact.  Although he looks full grown, he’s still a kitten at heart, so setting aside time for playing will also help Monito adjust to his new forever home.

Monito lives at the Howell Mill & I-75 permanent adoption center, and wants to show you how easy it would be to bring a touch of the savanna into your Atlanta home.  Like all SNAP animals, he is neutered, up to date on all shots and vaccinations, and microchipped.  You can pre-apply to adopt Monito online, and contact us to arrange a play date.

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