ADOPTED! Mimosa, a 6 month Orange Maine Coon Mix

MimosaA Little Extra Swagger. Poets and songwriters through the ages have written about the allure of a pretty girl with a little extra bounce to her step, a little extra sway when she moves. SNAP thinks that none of them have a thing on our delicate stunner dreamsicle kitty, Mimosa. This six month old long haired orange beauty with wise green eyes is as elegant as her name suggests, and possesses that little something extra special that has moved artists for centuries.

Mimosa is a rare Maine coon mix, as you can tell by her well-proportioned features and flowing fur. Her fur is a luxurious coat of pale champagne, cool orange, and deep tangerine. She has a peachy nose, long white whiskers, and sprouts fuzzy fur tufts from her alert ears. After a stint in animal control, Mimosa – like many other animals – picked up an eye infection that, once cured, left one of her eyes cloudy. However, she can see perfectly and requires no ongoing care for her eyes. Most of all, Mimosa is an snuggler who purrs if a human even looks at her…and melts in delight under an affectionate touch.

Mimosa’s extra swagger developed after she was spayed and began to show signs of a neurological issue. As you can see in the video, Mimosa’s issue impacts her hind legs, but she can still move around and navigate at will. She’s just not always steady on her feet, and plays a little differently. She gets from point A to point B, uses the litter box, still likes to play and climb, and do all the normal cat things you would expect. She just does them a little differently, with the extra Mimosa swag.

SNAP has monitored Mimosa closely to make sure we could find the perfect home for her, and we’re happy to share that she is ready to find her forever person. Mimosa loves other kitties, is small-dog socialized, and sway or no sway, and has no issues moving, climbing, or using the litter box. SNAP has no reason to believe that Mimosa will require additional or ongoing care for her condition, although her condition is believed to be permanent.

The ideal home for Mimosa will be one where she gets lot of attention, whether from humans that are present most of the time such as work-at-homers, or other friendly animals. SNAP would love a chance to introduce you to this dreamy girl. Please drop us a note at to set up a play date and remember, you can always pre-apply to adopt Mimosa online. Mimosa, like all SNAP kitties, is spayed and up to date on all shots and vaccinations. Please visit our SNAP website for more information of find us on Facebook.

Current as of 01/26/2014.



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