Moon Pie, an Original Vanilla Moon Pie!

Moon PieAhh… those sweet marshmallow fluff treats are like this very lovely boy. Just think, you can love his marshmallow fur every day and fulfill your sweet cravings without gaining a pound!

Moon Pie is extremely friendly and super affectionate. With his soft white, bunny-like fur, adorable yellow eyes and pink little nose, you are sure to fall in love with him at first sight! Even his paw pads are pink! He loves to pose for the perfect picture so that you can see how adorable he is!

This scrumptious boy deserves the sweet life because he was found living in a storm drain behind a pizza restaurant. Because he is all white, and we don’t have any snow, it was clear to see that he would have trouble hiding from predators. Now safe in a loving foster home, he is eating up the love and attention. His foster mom thinks he is the yummiest cat ever! He craves your attention, so don’t go for another desert, but nibble on Moon Pie instead!

This handsome boy is around one year old and loves to play with toys, feathers and mice! He is out to steal your heart and sweeten your life. The race is on to find his perfect home. Moon Pie is fully vetted and ready to meet you so apply quickly, before someone else gobbles him up!

You can apply online to adopt Moon Pie here or email us if you have any questions at

Current as of 01-25-2014.



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