ADOPTED! Moonbeams Carried Home in a Jar…

MoonbeamHello! My name is Moonbeam. I am pretty much a ray of sunshine, just a little more laid back.

I was recently rescued from animal control and am so happy! I can’t wait to find my forever home. I really hope it has someone (or multiple someone’s) with a good lap to lay in. Laps are my favorite. I can stay in one for hours with only a few changes in position. I enjoy play time too – I am only a year old! – but laps are where it’s at for me.

Luckily, I am fairly petite so can fit in pretty much any lap available. I am naturally chill and if you pet me long enough, I might get so relaxed I drool a little. I know! So embarrassing…but it is just a little and is a good sign I am super happy. Besides, you may be so mesmerized by my big yellow eyes you don’t even notice.

You will probably also get distracted by my expressive, white whiskers and calico coat. I’m pretty much the total package. I love kids and am ok with dogs too, so if either are in your home, I will fit in just fine! I can’t wait to meet you!

If you are interested in finding out more about Moonbeam or fostering, fostering to adopt, or adoption, please Email us at You can also apply for adoption online.

And if you are interested in volunteering with SNAP, please let us know, or you can apply to volunteer online.

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Originally posted January 27, 2014.



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