New Kitten Adoption Day at Howell Mill PetSmart

SNAP believes that socializing cats and kittens so that they will be ready to live with humans in forever homes is one of the keys to successful adoption. Because of that, we rotate the cats and kittens that live 24/7 in the Howell Mill PetSmart adoption center every few weeks.

Last weekend, a new group of visitors came to stay for a few weeks.  Won’t you come by and say hello?

 Liz and Zander.  Liz and Zander caught SNAP followers’ attention when we held a chip-in for them a few weeks ago to raise money for their eye surgery.  Due to exposure to harmful living conditions and disease before they came into SNAP’s care, both of these little ones lost an eye – but you can see for yourself that they are happy and healthy, and doing just fine, by visiting them at the PetSmart.  Many continued thanks to all who have made their recovery possible.

Brittany is a lovely, sweet little one that immediately flipped on her back and demanded belly rubs when we met her.  Although she may seem shy at first, once she has your attention, it’s hard to put her down.

Whiskey has lots of fluff – but is really very tiny beneath it all.  He is playful and sweet with tiny white socks.  You may notice that one of his eyes appears damaged.  He does have some eye damage from infections when he was young, but has retained some vision in that eye.  Whiskey loves to bat around balls, bits of paper – anything you give him to play with.

Sugar Lump is a slightly older white cat who loves attention and will slink circle-8s around your ankles.  She is odd eyed – one blue, one green – and seeks out human companionship.

Candy Land is an unusually colored “tabico” – part tabby and part calico – that loves to be the center of attention.  Her eyes are huge and luminous and follow you wherever you go.

Jenny Lynn is a very small, very shy gray kitty who is not quite sure about the adoption center yet.  However, she adores her new best friend, Rae, and SNAP would like to adopt these two bonded kittens as a pair.  Jenny Lynn was rescued while hiding out at a fire department in Douglas County.

Rae is a striking young female with serious, wide set eyes and a purr that doesn’t stop.  She nuzzles her way into your hand…and your heart if you give her half a chance.  Rae has a cute little bobtail and comes from a trailer park where SNAP regularly helps control the animal population.

Tortie Girl is a vocal and assertive tortie – and although she loves people and dogs, she would probably do well as the only, or dominant cat, in a household.

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