Nyla and Simba

DOB 3/26/2018

The world’s best duos: Batman & Robin  *  Peanut Butter & Jelly  *  Nala  &  Simba!  This gorgeous sister and brother duo will bring so much sunshine and laughter into your home.

Simba  is a one-cat circus . He’s a clown, a magician, and an acrobat rolled into one lanky ginger boy.  No box is too small, no feather toy too high!  So sweet that he’s purring while he’s being picked up! This cat can jump straight up and twist his body around to land on all fours – every time. He’s a hoot and a character and full of personality and whimsy.

Nala  is the cuddle bug. She’ll jump into your lap, stretch herself across your arm and fall asleep. Sure, she drools a little  when she drifts off  but  let’s be honest, we all do!  Don’t let all that cuteness fool you, though.  This little talkative kitty  with the funky eye  is  a spitfire  and a perfect match to her zany brother.

Nala  also has a superpower that was featured in a Jackson Galaxy video! Ok, so it’s not so much superpower as super weird proclivity to chew things like socks and fuzzy blankets. See,  Nala  lost her mom too early in life so she gets overly excited about anything that…feels like Mom. The solution is simple: pick up your socks!

Nala  and  Simba  will take every ounce of effort and love that you give them and return it to you 1000x over! Because of  Nala’s  super power, we suggest a home with no small children. Dogs are good! Older kids are good! Super neat freaks are fantastic!

NALA & SIMBA  IN YOUR HOME.   They  will be great in a home including  older  children  and are accustomed to large dogs .  Nala  &  Simba   will make a very special addition to the family.  

NALA & SIMBA ARE  HEALTHY. T hey are spayed and  neutered, up to date on shots and vaccinations, and micro-chipped. 

NALA & SIMBA WANT  TO MEET YOU.   They  ready to meet you by special appointment. If you are interested in finding out more about   Nala  &  Simba , fostering or adoption, please email us at    adoptions@snap2it.org  . You can also apply for adoption online.   

A CAT FOR YOU.   You may visit  snap2it.org  to preview all our available cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies or learn more about volunteering with SNAP. Please feel welcome to drop by one of our area  PetSmart ,  Petco , or Pet Supermarket adoption centers as well. 

SNAP2IT DOES GOOD WORK.  SNAP is a non-profit 501c3 animal rescue organization dedicated to spay and neutering programs, rescues, and adoptions for Atlanta-area pets.  See more about us here or follow us on  Facebook  for the latest updates on SNAP people, pets, and events.

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