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Did you know?

Unfortunately, SNAP sees situations of sick and injured cats and dogs who need surgery. Fortunately, there are many qualified veterinary surgeons in Atlanta, many of whom SNAP has built a relationship with over the years.

Unfortunately, surgery can be expensive – $700-$1500 for a front leg amputation, for example, and half again as much for a back leg amputation.

And most unfortunately, sometimes even surgery is not enough to save the life of an animal, and pet owners, and sometimes SNAP, have to make a decision as to what will ‘do no harm’ when it comes to medical options.

And the bottom line is that often decisions are based on the availability of funds to cover the medical costs.

What Snap Does

SNAP primary mission is to help control the overpopulation problem of domestic cats found in Georgia – primarily in the metro-Atlanta area and surrounding communities. As part of this mission, we engage in Trap Neuter Return (TNR) efforts. When possible, SNAP humanely traps homeless cats who live outside – sometimes called ‘feral’ or ‘neighborhood’ cats – spay/neuters these, and returns them to their original neighborhood.

Often these cats are not socialized around human beings and are best left as so-called feral cat colonies who can help to control the vermin population in a neighborhood – however, as part of this process SNAP routinely vaccinates these animals and treats them for various health issues such as fleas, lice, worms, wolf worms, to mention a few. This ‘Wellness’ approach is important in maintaining a healthy neighborhood cat population. And sometimes cats we help have injuries that require surgery.

Sometimes these neighborhood cats are socialized enough around humans that they can be adopted into forever homes – generally if they are kittens or abandoned domestic cats. Regardless if they are adopted or returned to their neighborhood as feral cats, they must be fully vetted – including spay/neutering, vaccinations, medicines for fleas and worms. And as needed surgery.

SNAP helps all of these cats and dogs on an as-needed basis. Unfortunately, however, SNAP does not have the resources to help every pet referred to us. However, we do what we can, and so inevitably we are always behind in our operating budget because of one $1000 surgery here, and another $700 procedure there. It adds up and we always need help.

How to Donate

In order to pledge to SNAP to help sustain our rescue efforts, please click on the donation button to give securely online through PayPal.  All contributions are tax deductible and all funds go specifically towards sustaining our Rescue, TNR, Adoption and Wellness efforts.  There are funds earmarked for animal surgeries.

For more information about fostering with SNAP, please click or tap here.

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SNAP is a non-profit 501c3 animal rescue organization dedicated to spay and neutering programs, rescues and adoptions for Atlanta-area pets. See more about us here or follow us on Facebook for the latest updates on SNAP people, pets and adoption news.

First posted August 10, 2014.