Sally the White Tabby

sally2Update: Sally has been released to another rescue group for adoption as of April 2014.
Previously: It’s easy to tell that Sally, Schroeder and Lucy are siblings.  They share the same sweet disposition, similar coloring, and even the same markings around the eyes.  Of the three, Sally is the most laid back and gentle with subtle coloring and well-bred manners.

Delicate Sally has a peachy pink nose, clear amber-green eyes, and the same tabby spots that Schroeder and Lucy have.   Her fur is mostly white, and as you can see in the pictures, Lucy was a natural at her photo shoot.  She posed nicely in her leopard print bed and curled her handsomely striped tail around her while she crossed her forelegs for the camera.

sally1Sally joined the SNAP family after SNAP rescued a number of kitties from an apartment complex near the Atlanta water works last spring.  Sally and her siblings were tiny when SNAP trapped them.   SNAP volunteers actually had to break cinderblocks in the basement of the complex to free a number of trapped kittens that were in hiding.   Today 1-year old Sally is happy and healthy and ready for find her forever home.

Sally enjoys human attention, and the company of her siblings and feline roommates, but unlike Lucy, won’t push to get it; although she would like to be adopted with one of her siblings, Lucy or Schroeder, it’s not a necessity.  Sally would function well as an only cat, or a cat that joins an existing pet household.   She should be placed in a home with a human who enjoys her company though.  And who wouldn’t love to come home to sweet, gentle Sally?

If you’d like to meet Sally, just drop us a note and we’ll arrange a rendezvous.  You can also pre-apply to adopt Sally online.  Like all SNAP animals Sally is spayed, up to date on shots and vaccinations, and microchipped.  And ready to meet you!

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