Pixie Bob, Loveable “Moo Cow” Kitty, 2 Year Old Adoptable ATL Cat

pixie1Pixie Bob is a sweet-tempered and affectionate young mother cat, about two years old. Pixie Bob (bob because she has a bobbed tail!) is a black and white girl with big green eyes, a pink nose, and long white whiskers. She wears a black “ear cap” – in fact, if you imagine it tied beneath her chin, it’s nearly an exact replica of a medieval lady-in-waiting’s hat complete with two cones. most of Pixie’s short, sleek fur is white, and she has a big black matching spot on her back. A guest referred to Pixie Bob as having “moo cow” colors and she is certainly as gentle and docile as a big, friendly moo cow!

Pixie2Pixie Bob entered SNAP’s program when she was trapped at an outside location with a litter of older kittens. The kittens proved too old to socialized, so they were brought up to good health, fixed, and released back to the outdoors, but Pixie Bob was so friendly and loving that she wanted to stay with her foster mother. This tells us that Pixie Bob was part of someone’s family once up on a time, and we are sure that it’s time she found a family again!

It’s hard to get a picture of Pixie Bob because she wants to be part of the action…all the time! If you point a camera at her, she delights in the attention and heads right over to raise her sweet pink nose in a hello! Even though Pixie Bob isn’t used to being in an adoption center, this week at PetSmart she has proved to be very well adjusted, and fit right in with the other cats. Her foster mother has shared with us that Pixie Bob is a peaceful kitty, never aggressive, and low maintenance. Because of this, Pixie Bob can join a home with other cats and even tolerates dogs, although they aren’t her favorite.

Pixie3Pixie’s favorite thing to do with her human is take long, stretchy naps, and purr the afternoon away. Her foster mother tells us that when she is thinking – it could be about anything, like where you’re going, will you pet her, is that a treat or wet food you have in your hand – her stubby little bob tail rotates in helicopter circles, a sight sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Pixie loves to be petted and brushed, and doesn’t mind being picked up, either.

Like all SNAP kitties, Pixie Bob is up to date on all shots and vaccinations, is microchipped, and spayed. This May, SNAP is honoring all our unadopted mothers, and Pixie Bob is receiving visitors at the Howell Mill and I-75 PetSmart. To set up a time to meet our lovely moo cow kitty, please drop us a note, or apply to adopt Pixie Bob online. It doesn’t take much to make Pixie smile..and then you’ll get to see her helicopter tail yourself!

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