ADOPTED! Practically Perfect Scottish Fold Mix Pretzel: Adoptable 2-Year Old Cat, ATL

pretzel and kidsMay is Feline Mothers Month! Today SNAP is honoring our second feline mother, Pretzel.

Pretzel may not be a very dignified name for this lovely tabby-Scottish fold mix, but Pretzel doesn’t mind. She knows that she’s charming, quirky, and oh-so-sweet. Plus, she made some gorgeous fur children (Mystery, Mischief, Monito and Mojo) who have also been a part of SNAP’s adoption program. Pretzel is about 2 years old and is a Scottish fold / tabby mix. Can you spot her sweet chubby face and cheeks that indicate Scottish fold descent? It is evident in both her mannerisms and appearance. She reigns as the resident character at the PetSmart at Howell Mill and I-75 during this Mother’s Day month 2013. Once we told her she was a Scottish fold, she insisted on tartans, haggis and bagpipes, but we asked to leave them behind during her stay at Howell Mill.

pretzel_cat04Pretzel is a funny roly-poly girl and true to her Scottish fold roots, an ideal companion for humans. She adores attention, and will immediately perform the “dip and dive” beneath your hand to get attention. She has full chipmunk cheeks, round eyes, and alert, tiny triangle ears. Its easy to see that Pretzel is the queen of her castle and demands to know what is going on, because she follows your movements around the room with inquisitive meows every so often. Her eyes are a deep green and her fur is a lovely tabby range of browns. Even though she has been moved from various foster homes – and is, the second week of May 2013, at the Howell Mill adoption center – she has remained alert, curious, and very confident in her Pretzel-self. Earlier this week, when Pretzel had her glamor shots done for Mother’s Month, she offered SNAP volunteers purrs, head butts, a belly flop or two, and even a kitty kiss. As soon as she settled into the Howell Mill adoption center, Pretzel tidied her own cage and then visited all of their neighbors, sampling their food and water to make sure it was tasty and safe, and even trying out their beds! As you might expect, Pretzel is nice to younger cats, and also defers to her elders.

PretzelPretzel, like many of our adult kitties, will fit in easily into a range of homes. Pretzel enjoys being petted and handled (although she requests that being picked up wait until the third date), but is mostly agreeable to human attention. This is only one of the advantages of adopting an older feline: you know their personality ahead of time! Pretzel is devoted to her human friends, but not demanding; she is always glad to see her human, and might ask for attention, but understands that people lead busy lives, just like she does! Pretzel would be happy as an only cat, because she is perfectly content to be the focus of her human’s cat affection. At the same time, she is fine with other pets too. Pretzel also gets along very well with children, is never aggressive although she needs help keeping her nails trim and tidy, and bonds quickly with little ones.

SNAP know that Pretzel is the perfect addition for lots of Atlanta families, and we can’t wait to meet the right one! Drop us a line to meet Pretzel (and as of 5/5/2013, she is in residence at the Howell Mill PetSmart Adoption Center) or with any questions. You can pre-apply to adopt Scottish fold mix Pretzel online, too. Pretzel is spayed, up to date on all shots and vaccinations, and microchipped. Pretzel’s future furever family will need to be aware that she is allergic to fleas, but this is easily handled through standard preventative flea treatments.

Do you hear the bagpipes and tartan calling? Wee Pretzel’s a-waiting for ye!

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