ADOPTED!!! Prankster Bonkers Livens Up Any Party: Adoptable Atlanta 7-mo Kitty

bonkers2It’s pretty easy to go bonkers over Bonkers.  Bonkers, an orange tabby with glowing amber eyes, a peach nose, and long white whiskers has a captivating slapstick sense of humor that will keep you entertained.  His latest trick is that when his foster dad bends over, Bonkers hops up and does his best Low Rider imitation (you can see he looks pretty pleased with himself in the pictures).  Bonkers also likes to groom his humans – their hair, in particular – to help keep them nice and tidy.  He enjoys being the center of attention and is always glad to take a pratfall to get a laugh.

This seven-month-old young man was rescued from a shelter when he was just a baby. We’ve included some baby pictures below so that you can see just how special he is.  Bonkers is very social and loves hanging out with people, other cats, and gets along fine with dogs.  He adores human interaction and eagerly joins in games (especially if they involve a moving feather), responds to your voice (even though he may ignore requests to stop with the grooming), and basically just wants to be part of the family.

Bonkers is pretty pleased with himself, grooming his foster dad.

Bonkers is pretty pleased with himself, grooming his foster dad.

Even though Bonkers likes to play hard, his foster mother asked us to share that he is a gentle young man who understands that claws are not for scratching people!  Because Bonkers has shown himself to be gentle with young cats, dogs, and children, we think he would shine in a home with children who may be too young for a tiny kitten.  At 7 months, he’s the perfect age to become a little one’s new best friend.  Because Bonkers is so strongly social, we would prefer to place him in a home that has other animals.

Bonkers is busy working on his next trick (he won’t tell us what it is), waiting to meet you and show it off.  Let us know when you’d like to get together!  This handsome young man is neutered, up to date on all shots and vaccinations, and microchipped.  You can also pre-apply to adopt him online.

PS: Bonkers dug out this old video from when he was just a kitten. Wasn’t he cute!!


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