Remembering Bonnie Sanders, Animal Lover, Friend & Giver

Bonnie-SandersOn behalf of her family and loved ones we fondly remember Bonnie Sanders, who departed this life in late January of this year. An Ohio native, Bonnie called Atlanta  “home” for many years. For the last 15, Bonnie was part of the family at Peachtree Psychiatric Professionals, where she was, “the matriarch of our front office, offering support and encouragement to our patients as well as our doctors,
therapists and co-workers for the past 15 years.”

was a bright light in a dark world and will be remembered for the smiles she
 brought to people’s faces. She was known for her sense of humor, youthful
 spirit, and generosity. She was always an encourager, a giver, and a lover 
of people. And of course, a lover of animals. Bonnie was particularly fond of dogs, birds, and turtles.

In an act of overwhelming generosity and compassion, Bonnie’s loved ones have asked that instead of mourning Bonnie in death, we support the things she loved in life: compassionate, loving, humane treatment and care of animals. In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Remembering Bonnie Sander’s Fund with all proceeds going to the no-kill animal shelter, SNAP.

RememberBonnie_btnTo make your tax-deductible donation in Bonnie’s memory, simply click on the button that depicts Bonnie and her favorite four-legged friend.

SNAP thanks Bonnie’s loved ones for remembering the animals we work to protect in your time of grief. The donations made in Bonnie’s name will be put to good use, and we like knowing one more animal lover is cheering us on from above.

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