Retired Four-Legged Domestic Companion Hazel seeks ATL Seniors Community

Hazel3Those of us of a certain age remember the hit show, Hazel, that is enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to You Tube. Sitcom Hazel played a live-in maid who wore one of those great uniforms including a scalloped headpiece, a white apron, and spent her days playing traffic cop and referee for the Baxter family (Mr. “B”, his wife, Missy, their son, Sport and the family dog, Smiley). Take a walk down memory lane with us and meet SNAP’s retired four-legged domestic companion, the terrific tabico, Hazel!

Hazel is between 8 – 10 years old and was rescued by our volunteer a few months ago, along with her kitten. Seniors can be harder to place than little ones, mostly because people don’t understand what great pets they can be, so we’ve spent the interim time making sure that Hazel is healthy enough to find her forever home and getting to know her.

Like her TV namesake, Hazel the kitty has done her time taking care of little ones (although she would rather avoid dogs), and is ready to retire to an adults-only living situation! Like many seniors, she is done with the drama of frantic kitten play (especially at 3 AM) and mischief-filled teenagers. Hazel will do best living with a small number of cats or even better, as an only cat.

Hazel1After years of attending to the daily needs of herself and her family, Hazel enjoys her alone time, so she can seem shy to human friends. She has warmed up to her foster mother, though, and loves to lounge in her favorite cat tree, and nap in the perfect hiding place beneath her special storage bench and her side of the bed.

Hazel is a typical tabico with lovely brown tabby coloring and the occasional stripe of calico orange. She has expressive green eyes, and four white booties. Her large green eyes are outlined in dark brown, and she has long white whiskers. Hazel has put on healthy weight since coming to live with her foster mother, and after having some teeth removed. Hazel doesn’t need kitty dentures, though, and is perfectly able to eat with no issues. Wet food should be a regular part of Hazel’s diet.

Hazel is thrilled about the prospect of retirement and looking forward to organizing bingo games on the closed in porch (her seat needs to be in the sun), sing-alongs (she is lead, everyone else, chorus) and shuffleboard tournaments. In fact, she asked us to share the top ten reasons that you should adopt her, or any senior cat, into your home.

  1. Hazel2When senior cats like Hazel are adopted, they understand that they’ve been rescued and are all the more thankful.
  2. A senior cat’s personality is already developed, so you’ll know if he or she is a good fit for your family.
  3. You can teach an old cat new tricks! Senior cats have an attention span and impulse control that makes them easier to train than their youthful counterparts.
  4. A senior cat probably already knows basic household etiquette (like not attacking your feet at night or sitting on your head) so the adjustment period can be easier.
  5. In general, senior cats are already litter trained and are less likely to “forget” where the box is.
  6. A senior cat won’t grow any larger, so you know exactly how much cat you’re getting.
  7. Senior cats like Hazel are content to just relax in your company, unlike younger cats, who may get into mischief because they’re bored.
  8. Speaking of relaxing, senior cats make great napping buddies.
  9. Senior cats often know that scratching posts (not furniture) are for scratching and toys (not hands or feet) are for biting.
  10. Senior cats are some of the hardest to find homes for — so when you adopt a senior cat, you’re truly saving a life. Although Hazel is safe from the streets, she is living in a foster situation with other cats. Her quality of life will be improved by being the center of your attention – and by finding Hazel’s forever home, a possible space is created for another kitty.

Are you part of Hazel’s retirement plan? Hazel would love to meet you and discuss the possibility of carving out her retirement as part of your household. She has been spayed, microchipped and is up to date on all shots. Hazel is a great candidate for SNAP’s Love Connection, too, where we match deserving cats with deserving adults who might need some assistance in caring for a pet.  Drop us a note, or pre-apply to adopt Hazel online.

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