Ruby and Chompers

Ruby and Chompers

Silver Tabby

DOB 5/15/2013


Cat Chorus: Hello!


Snap2It Interviewer: Hello! So, who are you guys?


Cat No. 1: I’m Ruby; and I’m a girl!


Cat No. 2: And I’m Chompers! I’m a boy!


Snap2It Interviewer: Nice to meet you! And what kind of cats are you?


Cat Chorus: We’re a pair of 8 year old silver tabby American shorthairs.


Snap2It Interviewer: So, how come you guys are up for adoption?


Ruby: Our long-time owner couldn’t keep us.


Chompers: Yeah, so Snap2It has stepped in to help us find a loving home.


Ruby: We’ve been together a long time so we’d like to stay together.


Chompers: Yeah; we’re really attached to each other.


Snap2It Interviewer: Okay; so describe yourselves for our listeners.


Chompers: Well, we’re both very affectionate toward our owner and our new foster family and we’ll be very loving to whomever adopts us.


Ruby: Yeah, we love being around people! We love being petted and we love rubbing against people’s legs.


Chompers: Oh, and we’re both declawed in the front so we’ll need to stay indoors for safety.


Ruby: Yeah. We’re housecats!


Snap2It Interviewer: What else do you want your new owners to know?


Ruby: We are both in very good health. I’ve been spayed.


Chompers: And I’ve been neutered. We’re up to date on our veterinary records, which we’ll give to our adopter … and we like belly rubs!


Ruby: Yeah; and we love being around other cats. So, if you already have a cat, we’ll fit right in!


Chompers: Right! Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I had a tooth removed not too long ago. Everybody thinks it makes me look even cuter!


Snap2It Interviewer: Ruby, why are you rolling your eyes?


Snap2It Interviewer: Okay; well, anyway, thank you, guys, for spending time with us today and answering our questions!


Ruby: You’re welcome!


Chompers: And thanks for featuring us on your Web site. We’re really looking forward to a nice, new home with a family or a single person, who’s just as nice as we are! Don’t you think I’m the cutest cat you ever saw?


Snap2It Interviewer: Ruby, why are you rolling your eyes?


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Ruby and Chompers will be great in any type of home including with older children and small dogs. They have no special needs and will make a very special addition to the family.

Like all SNAP pets, Ruby and Chompers are spayed and neutered, up to date on shots and vaccinations, and micro-chipped. And ready to meet you at one of our adoption centers or by special appointment.

If you are interested in finding out more about Ruby and Chmopers, fostering or adoption, please email us at You can also apply for adoption online.

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First posted July 17, 2018.


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