ADOPTED!!!! Silver-Gray Tabby, Bart, 3 Months Old, Wants a Kitty Kiss. Adoptable Kitten, Atlanta.

Bart3Three-month baby Bart is a gray/silver tabby that loves cuddles, kisses, and chases with his foster brothers and sisters, especially Romeo.  A SNAP volunteer spotted him hanging out around the dumpster area of an apartment complex on Buford Highway in Atlanta, and knew that Bart, so obviously a lover and not a fighter, was better suited to living in a forever home with humans than joining a feral colony.  In fact, Bart still has some siblings that our volunteer is trying to catch at the apartment colony!  This beautiful boy, though, was ready to come out of the cold and straight into your heart.

Bart’s foster mother reports that Bart started purring as soon as he was used to his new home, and immediately sought out her attention.  The tiny mite likes to lounge on his foster mother’s chest and give her face rubs while she kisses him.

Bart is a typical kitten, crazy about cat toys.  If he doesn’t find a cat toy, he’ll play with his own tail and amuse himself!  Bart loves to wrestle with and chase his foster brothers and sisters and gets along well with other kittens and older cats.  Bart and Romeo, although not blood siblings, are bonded and like to play, eat, sleep together, as well as give each other a bath! Bart has not been dog tested, but since he’s a confident and friendly cat – not jumpy or scared – we think he would warm up to a gentle canine buddy quickly.

bart2Bart figures things out quickly, and is very smart. His foster mother especially likes his tiny black paws (shown in the pictures posted here) because they stand out like piano keys against his gray fur.  He has four white socks, a white bib, and gray/silver tabby coloring with dramatic dark stripes on the rest of his body.  Bart will grow into a showstopper tabby!  His eyes are a deep and clear green, and his whiskers are long and white.

As much as he loves his foster mother, and she’ll miss his cuddles and kisses, Bart would like to meet his forever family to start 2013 off right!  Bart would like to be adopted with his bromance buddy Romeo best of all, but he can also go to a home that has other pets.  Especially because he’s young, Bart will flourish with lots of attention and play time, so he should not be an only cat.

Bart thinks that you should really come by and admire his amazing stripes and black paws.  We agree!  Drop us a line to arrange a visit, or pre-apply to adopt Bart online.  Like all SNAP animals, Bart is neutered, up to date on all shots and tests, and microchipped.

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