SNAP March Spay/Neuter Day Helps 61 Local Pets

Kyla Jones March Event

SNAP Joins Dozens of Local Rescue Groups to Spay/Neuter Hundreds of Pets at March Event

March 26 and 27, 2014.
SNAP partnered with Planned Pet Hood to take part in a March Spay/Neuter Day event – transporting and spay/neutering 67 local pets at a Duluth veterinary clinic. Hundreds of other pets were spay/neutered across Georgia at low-cost clinics through the work of other rescue groups.

Costs for the procedures were covered through a grant from FixGAPets and generous donations from SNAP supporters. SNAP raised $580 to help cover costs but the entire project cost SNAP some $1400, so any additional donations to help cover costs are greatly appreciated.

SNAP Director Kyla Jones spoke to WSB Atlanta about spay/neuter and the high cost to taxpayers when animals are not cared for properly. SNAP is one of many Georgia nonprofits working hard to get this problem under control. Unfortunately, Georgia is one of the worst states for euthanizing pets, with a kill rate state-wide of over 62 percent. The good news is this number has improved in recent years, but the bad news is it is estimated that Georgia taxpayers spend $1 million dollars each week to euthanize Georgia pets – but this cost could be dramatically reduced if the money were applied to spay/neuter programs rather than kill shelters.

See more about the spay/neuter day in March and the WSB news video here and all the hard work done by SNAP and many other rescue groups around the state. There is another spay/neuter day scheduled for June – we could use your help with volunteers and donations for that event too!

The FixGAPets grant allowed SNAP to help break the reproductive cycle for one family with 10 dogs. In just one home, Romeo a black/white pit came to this family from an unwanted litter, Babygirl and Rocko came from a friend of a friend that were being abused and Diamond came from an unwanted litter from a neighbor. The only dog in the home that was previously neutered was one that was adopted from local animal control and his neuter was sponsored for adoption to save him from death in a high kill shelter. From Diamond came 7 more unwanted puppies, another accidental litter.

While these puppies are being sold for money, without the grant from FixGAPets, it would mean that 7 more dogs would be able to produce at least 2 more litters at minimum per year or another 98 puppies in just one year. So sadly, while these puppies are being sold for money, they are being sold already spayed/neutered and will never produce another unwanted litter and this home of 2 male and 2 female pit dogs will never produce another litter of pups.

Here is a link to original March Clinic notice.

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Originally posted May 15, 2014.



  1. We spay/neutered some 67 pets this day – more than the 51 we originally scheduled.

    We raised $580 to help cover costs – but the entire project cost SNAP some $1400, so any additional donations to help cover costs are greatly appreciated.

  2. Both days were quite a bit of work. Hats off to Kyla and the many SNAP volunteers and supporter for making this happen. We have another Spay/Neuter Day in June, so please keep us in mind for donations and volunteer support!

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