ADOPTED! Stevie Nicks

DOB 4/18/202

Adoption Fee: $200.00

Meet Stevie Nicks! She is the odd (wo)man out being the only girl in her litter, but she doesn’t let that stop her! She likes to watch the boys first to make sure things are safe, but she’s not far behind them when it comes to play time! She’s a mama’s girl through and through and can often be found not too far away from her mama. Stevie will do well in a home with another older cat who could help her confidence and teach her all the wonders of being a house kitty! She would also love to go home with one of her siblings: Freddie Mercury, Bob Marley or Fleetwood Mac!  She’s still a little shy when it comes to getting petted, but she has no problem climbing up on your lap, curling up for a nap and just being petted. She will soon be the perfect snuggle bug! For now, she loves finding places to perch and watch things as she is one curious lady!  Stevie Nicks is a beautiful and lovely kitten and will be such a treat for any home!

STEVIE NICKS IN YOUR HOME Stevie Nicks will be great in a home including older children or other cats/kittens. She would like to go home with one of her siblings if there is not a companion kitty already in your home as she has tons of energy, is curious and needs a playmate! Given a proper introduction process, most cats do learn to get along very well with dogs and puppies as well. Stevie Nicks has no special needs and will make an awesome addition to the family.   

STEVIE NICKS IS HEALTHY. Like all SNAP pets, Stevie Nicks has been Spayed. She has been vaccinated up to age and is micro-chipped. 

STEVIE NICKS WANTS TO MEET YOU. Stevie Nicks is ready to meet you by special appointment. If you are interested in finding out more about Stevie Nicks, fostering or adoption, please email us at You can also apply for adoption online at .   

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