TRANSFERED: The Charlie Brown Gang: Maestro Schroeder Seeks New Concerto Opportunities

schroeder1You probably remember Schroeder from the Peanuts, the talented, shy, piano player who was endlessly pursued by Lucy. Our Schroeder is equally as shy around people he doesn’t know but once he warms up to you, the world – and your tummy! – is his piano.

SNAP rescued a number of kitties from an apartment complex near the Atlanta water works last spring.  Schroeder, like his siblings Lucy and Sally, were tiny when SNAP trapped them.   SNAP volunteers actually had to break cinderblocks in the basement of the complex to free a number of trapped kittens that were in hiding.

schroeder2As you can see, Schroeder is a handsome white tabby with playful markings around his left eye, and thick, short, fur.  He has perky, alert ears, pale green eyes, a thick dark tail, and white whiskers.  During our visit, Schroeder did everything he could to avoid the camera, but had fun scampering with his friend Vinnie and his sisters Sally and Lucy.  Although he would love to be adopted with one of them, it’s not a necessity.  Schroeder will fit into any household that has existing cats, because he’s been socialized with many of them in his foster home. Schroeder is a little bit over a year old.  Once Schroeder decides that you’re piano worthy, he’ll approach you for attention and beg for pets.  He doesn’t require constant attention, but he’s a great companion.

Do you need a touch of comic relief in your house?  Think about welcoming this young Peanut into your forever home.  Drop us a note if you’d like to meet Schroeder, or pre-apply to adopt him online.


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