This Little Weenie Dog and Me (by Kyla Jones, SNAP Founder)

A few weeks ago, I went to the barn to place a cat that we had trapped.  And low and behold I found a cute little weenie dog.  We named him Red Barron, but he is so special, you see, that we added a THE….

If The Red Barron could talk what story would he tell?

Here is what I think he would say!

I was once loved and cared for and then one day I ended up in a cage.  What a strange place to be!  Not near a fire or any of my toys to be with me…. What happened to me? I got lucky you see, because someone took me from that cage back to a home, with a bed and toys again.  Then I went to see a very nice doctor you see.  I had these little bumps on my rump and she neutered me. 

You see,The Red Barron may not have long to be with me. But he is no longer wondering about you, his true family that will see him through to the end! Never to leave him in a strange place to be cold and lonely and wonder what he had done to be shunned!

With prayers we send this out to the world to see that The Red Barron is loving life and will be loved till the end with warmth and family and toys!  Be kind to your fellow furry friend because wouldn’t you hate to come back and be treated like him?  They didn’t ask to be born, they didn’t ask to be breed, they depended on you for food and warmth and in return they give you unconditional love to the end.

The Red Barron lived happily with Kyla and her family until 2011, when he passed away from cancer.

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