ADOPTED! Lucy Won’t Yank this Football

lucy4Sweet Lucy is another member of SNAP’s Charlie Brown gang.  This white tabby is as opposite of her namesake in temperament (meaning she’s not crabby, mean spirited or football-yanking ) as is possible!  Four-legged Lucy is the most affectionate of the Charlie Brown gang, and adores human attention.  She follows her human friends around, and maneuvers until she is as close to you as possible.  In fact, her foster mother says that Lucy could double as a muffler because she loves to drape herself over your neck and purr the night away.

lucy2SNAP rescued a number of kitties from an apartment complex near the Atlanta water works last spring.  Lucy, like her siblings Schroeder and Sally, were tiny when SNAP trapped them.   SNAP volunteers actually had to break cinderblocks in the basement of the complex to free a number of trapped kittens that were in hiding.

Lucy is mostly white with dark tabby spots scattered throughout her coat.  She has a “buster style” spot over her right eye, long white whiskers, a pink nose, and alert deep green eyes. She’s a long and lean kitty with four white paws and a dark tail that swishes through the air as she runs to her next errand, visits her foster kitty roommates for the latest gossip or searches out her foster mother to invite her to a new game of toy catnip mouse chase.  Lucy adores playing with her human friends (pink feathers are her favorites).  Because of this, Lucy should join a household that has other animals who will keep her company and humans that are engaged with her.  She purrs constantly, and adjusts quickly to new situations.  In fact, Lucy would love to be adopted with one of her siblings, Schroeder or Sally!

Wouldn’t you like to meet Lucy for a game of pink feathers?  Lucy says that she’ll even hold your football for you!   Drop us a note to arrange a play date with Lucy, or pre-apply to adopt her online.

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