DOB 4/17/20

Adoption Fee: $125.00

Hi! My name is Tiny.  I am so happy that you are checking me out!  My foster mom thought this name was perfect for me because I have worked really hard to grow into a big girl.  I will probably always be a petite little but I am very mighty!  You see, life was pretty hard at first.  Somebody just dumped me at a pet store and left me with my siblings when we were very, very small.  I almost gave up but then the nice people at the rescue found us.  They tried to give me a bottle but I just missed my mommy too much to accept it.  The rescue people found another kitty mommy who did not mind nursing me right along with her other babies.  I was so HAPPY because I really needed a kitty mommy.  I finally realized everything was going to be OK and started working really hard to get big and strong.  My foster mommy thinks it is so funny because I have turned into a very playful, fun little girl who runs and plays getting into all kinds of mischief.  I like to take nap next to my favorite humans when the fun is over and it is time for a bit of rest.  I promise to add lots of excitement and joy to your life.  Come and meet me because I will be ready to go home really soon!

TINY IN YOUR HOME. Tiny will be great in a home including children or other cats/kittens. Given a proper introduction process, most cats do learn to get along very well with dogs and puppies as well. Tiny has no special needs and will make a very special addition to the family.

TINY IS HEALTHY. Like all SNAP pets, Tiny has been spayed. She is vaccinated up to age and is microchipped.

TINY WANTS TO MEET YOU. Tiny is ready to meet you by special appointment. If you are interested in finding out more about Tiny, fostering or adoption, please email us at . You can also apply for adoption online at

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