ADOPTED! Gypsy’s bilateral hip surgery

GypsyWe are near the end of fundraising for the bright eyed gray boy with the velveteen fur who was named Gypsy by an extraordinarily loving rescuer.

As far as we know, Gypsy never had a name before Cherlyn spotted him in her apartment complex parking lot, a lump of gray fur, unable to walk and barely able to stand. Although she didn’t know how another four-legged visitor could fit into her apartment, or what was wrong with him, she mostly knew she couldn’t leave Gypsy in pain, hungry and alone in the cold, black parking lot. SNAP agreed to help Cherlyn on her journey.

Once we got Gypsy to the vet, his prognosis was very serious. The biggest issue is that he had bilateral pelvic fractures that caused parts of his body to atrophy over time. He had parasites, and one of his “dead” legs had developed a huge infection. It took Cherlyn over a month of dosing the poor cat with serious antibiotics and lots of pain medicine to get Gypsy to a point where he was healthy enough to show an interest in food, and able to feed himself.

It took another 3 weeks for him to feel secure enough to explore outside of the crate in Cherlyn’s room; 3 months in, he was able to walk small distances. Within 5 months, he could pull himself in to snuggle with Cherlyn in bed using his front paws only. He’s eating well, is happy and healthy, and ready for the final surgery that will change his life and make it possible for Gypsy to find his forever home.

As we approach the 6 month mark,
we are making a final push to raise the funds that Gypsy needs to undergo surgery to repair the fracture. Please share, and consider a donation. Even the smallest amount counts. You can donate to Gypsy’s care here and can also see more pictures and videos of Gypsy, or click on the ‘Help Gypsy to Heal’ image above.

Contact us by email at if you have any questions or want to help with Gypsy and his upcoming recovery!

To see the difference love has made, visit Gypsy’s fundraising page with before pictures. Every little bit helps! Current as of January 23, 2014.



  1. Gypsy was adopted by here foster mother in August 2014. Congratulations to Gypsy and her new forever family! It was a long road to recovery and a lot of expense, but Gypsy has since been doing beautifully and is a wonderful companion to her foster mom. Go Gypsy!

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