ADOPTED! Vinnie – An Offer You Just Can’t Refuse

Vinnie3VINNIE (last name withheld due to the nature of his previous “employment”) (aka “Vinnie the Cat”) (aka “Vinnie the toy mouse hammer”)

Vincent comes from a close knit, very large “family” and the last time he was on the stand, claimed to live the calm, harmonious life of an everyday average-Joe citizen.  He worked at the fish markets in the early morning hours and hung out with “his cousins” playing cards in front of the store on Sunday afternoons. Vinnie had a brief stint as a professional boxer and then started working in “security.”  Although nothing was ever proven, he’s been accused of stalking, catching and annihilating defenseless stuffed mice, and extorting treats for protection.

Vinnie-tail-curlNow that he’s around two years old, Vinnie has decided to retire from “the life” and become a lover, not a fighter.  This handsome tough guy sports a gorgeous squirrel’s tail which he is proud to show off to you, your family and friends.  His fur is white with tabby markings (he says he got them as part of an “initiation”) which add to his tough guy demeanor. His sage green eyes look into the depths of your soul, scanning you for any signs of deception…or cat treats, that is. His twitchy little pink nose can smell a rat a mile away. The Vinster has asked us to tell you that he can’t help being an alpha cat; it’s just the way he is.  So, to avoid potential power struggles, Vin will do best in a home with other strong willed cats or as an only cat.

Vinnie1Okay, so maybe Vinnie’s mob life was only in his little kitty dreams.  He came to SNAP from a hoarding case (76 cats).  He didn’t know he lived with a hoarder…he called her mom!  It was a little crowded though and he really didn’t get the attention he so very much deserved. He lives happily in his foster home (taking his control-freak tendencies into account!) but would like to find his forever home.  He is playful, kind of crazy in a fun way and will keep you totally entertained and amused.  After all, he was very used to attention and adoration in his old mob life and expects to always be the center of attention.  Being petted and held are his favorite things!

Does your home need Vin’s kind of protection?  If you would like to meet Vinnie just let us know, and we’ll arrange a little one-on-one.  You can also pre-apply to adopt him online.  Like all SNAP animals, Vinnie is fixed (boy, he didn’t like that one bit!), microchipped (to keep him under surveillance) and up to date on all shots and vaccinations.

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