SNAP can always use more stuff. Everything from cat litter to meds and cleaning supplies.

Our needs cover items we use – both disposable and durable – to conduct day-to-day operations for our rescue, spay/neuter, adoption and education/outreach programs.

The cost of these items adds up, and they represent a significant part of our monthly operating budget. Any contribution of items like these is a huge help in sustaining our ongoing mission and saving the lives of many deserving homeless pets.

SNAP has a never-ending wish list of daily-use items items including:

  • Cleaning supplies including paper towels, Chlorox wipes and non-latex gloves
  • Revolution flea treatment
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Dry dog and cat food
  • Wet cat and kitten food.

We also have an almost-every-day need for items like:

  • Collapsible cages
  • Kitten condos and scratching posts
  • More cleaning supplies of all types.

Finally, for our Trap Spay Neuter Release (TNR) programs we need more:

  • Drop traps
  • Have-a-Heart traps
  • Old towels, blankes and sheets for use as trap covers.

You can also see Other Ways to Donate for more creative ideas on our donation programs and partners.

While we’re on the subject, any kind of donation or participation in our community partnership programs is, of course, very welcome. Anything from donating a vehicle or storage building to donations of furniture we can sell at a consignment shop specializing in pet rescue charities – with whom SNAP is in partnership – to adding SNAP to your list of charities on your Kroger discount card – that way SNAP automatically receives a donation each time you shop – to participation in similar programs with and others. For more on these programs, see again our Other Ways to Donate for details.

See also Donate to a SNAP Tax Deductable Charitable Fund for links to secure and private online giving – a one-time or recurring contribution goes a long way towards sustaining our operation and helping us to save lives.

If you are interested in helping, please email us at or please feel free to complete our online volunteer application.

SNAP is proud of our volunteers and the good service they do in helping deserving pets find forever homes.

SNAP is a non-profit 501c3 animal rescue organization dedicated to rescues, adoptions and spay and neutering programs for Atlanta-area pets. See more about us here or follow us on Facebook for the latest updates on SNAP people, pets and adoption news.

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