SNAP helps thousands of pets find homes each year, and fosters are a big part of this process. We have so many homeless pets that need temporary lodging while we work to find them a forever home, and fosters provide a vital link in providing a temporary shelter and a loving indoor home to these deserving animals. As a pet once said, ‘Can I crash on your couch awhile?’

Like all rescue organizations, SNAP never has enough fosters. In fact, the number of fosters available to help take in our pets is in direct proportion to the number of pets we can take in and help. The more fosters, the more lives we can save.

Fostering is a special kind volunteer effort that takes patience and an the ability to let go when we find the pet the right forever home. Fostering a homeless pet is a lot of work, but a deeply rewarding experience for both the pet and the foster. Fosters, as they say, do not necessarily have the time, but have the heart.

Typical foster commitments depend on how adoptable the animal is, and can last anywhere from weeks to months. We generally ask our fosters to provide shelter and food for the animal, as well as a safe, loving environment. Appropriately socializing cats with dogs, for example, is a wonderful gift that makes the cat that much more adoptable. If there are vet bills and meds needed, SNAP typically helps with those costs. Whenever possible, it is helpful for the foster parent to help taxi the animal to adoption events.

If you are interested in helping, please email us at or please feel free to complete our online volunteer application.

SNAP is proud of our volunteers and the good service they do in helping deserving pets find forever homes.

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