Any excuse for a party…

SNAP has found that hosting charity events on a regular basis has proven to be a reliable source for always welcome to support our rescue and spay/neuter programs.

Ideally, we like to host small get-togethers at local restaurants at cocktail hour on weekdays after work at a rate of about one per month. These typically include a cover charge of, say $20, which goes to covering any food and liquor bills and helps contribute to our general support fund. All proceeds are tax deductible, and often we include additional items or door prizes for purchase.

Other events come in all shapes and sizes from get-togethers in the park or local art galleries, to larger charity auctions to potential signature annual events aimed at a larger crowd and pulling in a greater number of receipts. Partnering with other complimentary groups – typically other than the rescue community – but with a shared vision of civic responsibility, is an option.

SNAP is looking for volunteer coordinators who can either plan and organize events, including establishing relationships with outside organizations like restaurants and other groups, or help on the day of the event with any required logistics. In a perfect world, we would plan these events well in advance and market them widely, including follow-up to ensure a good turnout.

If you are interested in helping, please email us at or please feel free to complete our online volunteer application.

SNAP is proud of our volunteers and the good service they do in helping deserving pets find forever homes.

SNAP is a non-profit 501c3 animal rescue organization dedicated to rescues, adoptions and spay and neutering programs for Atlanta-area pets. See more about us here or follow us on Facebook for the latest updates on SNAP people, pets and adoption news.

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