When the Saved Become the Saviors: Ayla, Ansley & Simon

photoNo one loves an adoption story happy ending more than SNAP.  The story we heard today from recent SNAP adopter Ayla, though, is about much more than rescuing cats: it’s about when saving cats turns into saving humans, in this case, Ayla.

Ayla gladly agreed to let us share her story with SNAP friends and supporters in the hopes that it may inspire others who share her struggles, or have loved ones afflicted by depression and anxiety.  This brave woman chose to try to fight her illness by caring for two souls who needed her – and ended up finding the lifeline she needed.

Ayla wrote, “I’m writing to you today to let you know how much the two cats I adopted have changed my life. I never thought of myself as a cat person at all until last year when I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression, as well as a cyst in my brain.”

photo1Although it may seem strange that an illness could transform Ayla into a cat lover, her reasoning was sound.  “ I thought my life was over,” she continued, “until I read an article online that said having a pet to care for can really help individuals with chronic mental and physical illnesses. I thought to myself, why not? I will give it a try.”

Ayla adopted two slightly older SNAP kitties, Ansley and Lake.  Ansley is a beautiful brown tabby with dramatic markings, and Lake is a striking Russian blue.  Although the two cats are not littermates, they quickly bonded – not only with each other, but their new mother, Ayla.

Ayla explained.  “What happened in the months after adopting my two cats is truly amazing.  I went from lying in bed all day in tears to actually getting up and smiling more. In fact every time I look at my cats I can’t help but smile!”  It’s easy to see why, too, when you look at the pictures of Ansley and Lake (now named Simon) curled up together.

With a reason to smile every day, a new gift revealed itself to Ayla: a reduction of fear and shame about her condition.  “I spent so many months terrified and ashamed of my illness,” she wrote.  “Now, when anyone asks me what I do to relax, I honestly tell them that I pet my cats! Every day is still a struggle but now I see hope in my future.”

SNAP is thrilled and humbled to have played a role in this match that was certainly made in heaven for Ayla and SNAP alumni Ansley and Lake.  SNAP – and Ayla! – invite you to share this story with friends and loved ones  you think might benefit from it.

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