Zen Master Zoe, Brown Tabby, Seeks New ATL Corner for Meditation

Zoe3Do you enjoy quiet time and meditation but are missing that special companion to share the transcendental bliss? Meet SNAP’s resident zen master, Zoe. Zoe, whose name means ‘spiritual life’ in ancient Greek, is a tiny brown tabby with dark brown stripes, white whiskers, a dark peach nose, and still green eyes full of affection and calm.

Like all spiritual sherpas, Zoe’s gone through some tough times. Before she was a year old, Zoe was pregnant and homeless, living in animal control. Although someone rescued her, only three of her litter of eight kittens survived. Those dark times are in the past now, and Zoe is looking for a life where she can bask in the sun, focus on the mystical and transcendent beyond the horizon, and bring serenity and tranquility to your home.

Because Zoe enjoys calm, she will do best in a home without small children. Zoe knows that stroking her lovely soft fur will lower her human companion’s blood pressure and is glad to help, just as she will always lend a sympathetic ear. She even wrote you a poem to explain how she feels.

Zoe4Flowers need water
Before they can bloom
Darkness needs sunshine
To brighten up the gloom
Rainbows need color
To brighten up the day

Lonely hearts need love and I need love too
Please, let that someone to love me be you.

If you think Zoe could be your spiritual partner, please drop us a note so that we can arrange for the two of you to meet. You can also pre-apply to adopt Zoe online. Like all SNAP animals, Zoe is up to date on vaccinations and shots, is microchipped, and spayed.

PS: Zoe offers free sage smudging services for all dark corners in your home.

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